The Royal Navy


Throughout the course of history, a life at sea has always attracted those with a taste for travel and adventure; but there are plenty of other reasons for students to consider a challenging and wide-ranging career with the Royal Navy.

The Royal Navy is, first and foremost, a fighting force. Serving alongside Britain’s allies in conflicts around the world, it also vitally protects UK ports, fishing grounds, and merchant ships, helping to combat international smuggling, terrorism, and piracy. Increasingly, their 30,000 personnel are involved in humanitarian and relief missions; situations where their skills, discipline, and resourcefulness make a real difference to people’s lives.

The Royal Navy offers opportunities for early responsibility, career development, sport, recreation, and travel which exceed any in civilian life. With its global reach and responsibilities, they still offer plenty of adventure and the chance to see the world, while pursuing one of the most challenging, varied, and fulfilling careers available.


You don’t have to go to university to become a Royal Naval Officer. If you did well at A-Level you can take on one of 21 leadership roles, putting your skills to the best possible use, and gaining further qualifications in the process.

Life as a Royal Navy officer gives you benefits and experiences you won’t find anywhere else. There are rewarding opportunities throughout your career – both on and off duty.

“I’m right in the thick of the action. It can be pretty full-on, but that’s part of the buzz. Sitting in an office wouldn’t cut it now I’ve tasted this kind of work.”

Barry, Warfare Specialist