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With over 26 million customers, Lloyds Banking Group is the largest UK retail and commercial financial services provider. It offers a wide range of opportunities to make a real impact on customers, communities, and the planet, through brands like Lloyds Bank, Halifax, Bank of Scotland and Scottish Widows.

They are transforming financial services and they want you to join us. For more than 250 years, they have been serving the people of Britain. You might recognise them from the high street, or through their portfolio of well-known brands. But they have never been content to rest on their laurels and right now they are in the middle of a digital transformation.

The world is constantly evolving. New knowledge and technologies are impacting how people bank every day. To meet the ever-changing needs of their customers, Lloyds Banking Group is welcoming a new digital future. Lloyds are inviting new joiners with a wide range of skills and experience to explore the possibilities of this transformation with them.


Are you good with people, able to motivate yourself and others, and manage relationships? Can you think creatively and logically, communicate effectively and enjoy problem solving? Whatever your current skill set and background, if you’re ambitious and share their purpose, Lloyds aim to help apprentices succeed.

Lloyds Banking Group  is looking for people who are excited by rewarding challenges, who want to be part of its commitment to long-term sustainability, and who are inspired by the purpose of ‘helping Britain prosper’. Whether it’s forming relationships with clients or developing the next generation of technology, everyone will have a real impact on the journey Lloyds Banking Group is taking.

Lloyds strives to give all of their apprentices the chance to explore their interests, discover entirely new ones and make an impact on millions of lives, all while getting paid.

The firm  offers a wide range of opportunities, from financial services roles to digital & technology roles – regardless of the role that is the best fit for the individual; they will be stretched and challenged and have the platform to influence critical business decisions. And of course they will support study for an industry-recognised qualification during work time.

“Showing you are keen to learn and grow is so important for studying an apprenticeship because its all about learning, growing and failing but learning from the failures. These few things make the best apprentices no matter what age, background or circumstance!”

Ashleigh, Data Analyst Degree Apprenticeship


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