The National Health Service (NHS) is Europe’s largest employer, with an annual budget of over £130 billion and a mission to improve the wellbeing of 57 million people.

NHS staff are ordinary people doing extraordinary things. With world-class training and team spirit you won’t get anywhere else, they set you up to achieve things you never thought possible.

They are always looking for caring, passionate people to join their team. And with the skills and experience you’ll gain with us, you’ll always be highly employable.

The NHS offers both great responsibility and potential. Ultimately, it’s an incredibly rewarding career where hard work and commitment can affect the lives of millions in an organisation like no other in the world.



There are all sorts of apprenticeships available in the NHS, whatever your experience or qualifications. You could work on a ward providing hands-on care, or in a role behind the scenes that helps keep the NHS running. Whatever you choose, you'll make a big difference to patient care from day one and be sure of a rewarding career.


Join the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme and make a difference to the lives of millions of people. Their scheme offers you the opportunity to develop into a future leader in one of their specialisms including management, human resources, finance, policy and data analytics. their trainees work in a range of organisations and types of services. You could be improving patient care in a busy hospital department or developing better ways of using data to improve key services as part of an office-based team.

“I get great support from my trust, university and managers, which is proving successful so far. I know the other apprentices at the trust feel the same, that we have all the support we need and know who to go to for help if we need it“

Adam Cramp, Mental health nursing degree apprentice, West London NHS Trust

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